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Teaching made easier. Learning made better.

The complete A.I educational ecosystem that simplifies your school administration, markets and grows your school, reduce the workload of your teachers while increasing their output, improve the academic performance of your students, engages your students' parents and much more.

School Benefits

Classroom Management

Classrooms Management * AI Classroom Activity Reporting * Bulk Student Promotion * Digital Classroom Videos and Games

Student Management

Student Enrollment * Individual student progress and performance analysis * Student strength, weaknesses and recommendations * Automatic A.I Video, Study notes and CBT assignments * Curriculum based teacher assigned digital games * Automatic grading * Attendance analysis * Student distribution report by age, gender, classroom etc.

Parent Management

Private Parent communication/Chat * General Parent Messaging * Parent Engagement Reports * Parent distribution report by age, gender etc.

AI Marketing

Witness the incredible power of automated A.I prospective parents follow-up with outstanding results and set your school apart. Increase conversion rates for enquiries and grow your school at the speed of A.I. Let A.I do the job, upgrade your school to Syllabux.

Attendance Management

Attendance Recording * Manual Checkin/Checkout * Smart card checkin/Checkout * Facial recognition checkin/checkout(Coming soon) * Pupil/Staff attendance * Staff/Student Attendance reports * Punctuality/Lateness Report * AI Attendance analysis per student

Report Card Management

Customisable report card templates * Easy to use report card system * Downloadable PDF report cards for parents * Automatic filling of Report card attendance and student details * Automatic computation, grades and comments


Private Parent Messaging * Parent Messaging by Groups * Bulk Parent Messaging * Automatic Birthday wishes for staff, parents and students * Debt Reminder Notifications * In App messages, Email Messages, Direct SMS Messages * Upcoming school event notifications to parents * Student activity notifications * Promotion congratulatory messages and much more.


  • Access to curriculum-based animated videos and gamified educational content.
  • Students can learn at their own pace (Self-paced learning ).
  • Independent access to digital resources like lesson notes, videos, games, and assessments on personal devices.
  • Digital learning aids for homework and holiday learning.

C.B.T on Mobile, Tablet and Laptops

  • Flexible options for test questions and answers, both manual and AI-generated.
  • Access to a school's question bank for future tests and exams.
  • Assignment of C.B.T to specific classes or individual students.
  • Reduces cost of printing question papers

Lesson Plans & Lesson Notes

Syllabux AI generates lesson plans, assignable lesson notes, animated video content for digital classrooms, digital learning aids, animated video assignments, digital games assignments, Computer or phone based tests or exams and so much more.

Academic Calendar

  • School's academic calendar allows you to manage school events.
  • Timely notifications of upcoming school activities, birthdays, and important events for teachers and parents.

Virtual Classroom

  • Access to remote learning from anywhere and at any time.
  • Engaging virtual classroom activities and interactions.

Financial Accounting

  • Streamlined management of school finances.
  • IFRS Compliant Financial Reporting.

HR & Payroll

  • Preservation of records and information about school staff.
  • Simplified HR processes and information management.
  • One click payroll with printable payment schedul etc.

Real Time Reports

  • Generation of academic progress reports for students, parents, and teachers.
  • Access to real-time data and analytics for continuous academic tracking and performance improvement.
  • Performance report for every students.

Checkin/Checkout with Auto Attendance

  • Automated check-in and check-out system for students and staff.
  • Enhanced security and reduced administrative burden.
  • Smart notifications for attendance tracking.

Parent Benefits

Classroom Activity Timeline

Time-to-time information on child's activities in the School * Awareness of child's performance in an activity * Real-time information on all engagements of child in the school

Private Messaging Channel

Personalized messages * Private Messaging * Receiving Updates from the School * Easy Communication.

Student Attendance Report

Real-time digital attendance report * Students' punctuality and lateness report * Improve child attendance in School.

School Calendar

School Event Reminder * Academic Calendar * Relative Birthday reminders

Interactive Assignments

Educational Video Assignment * Interactive Educational Games * Consistent Computer Based Test Assessments. * Interactive Assignment report

Monitor Interactive Assignments (Videos and games)

Educational Videos * Interactive Games * Engaging children with the Interactive Videos and Games.

Monitor CBT Assignments

Consistent Computer-Based Test Assessments * Immediate access to CBT corrections * Access to CBT scores * CBT performance reports

Digital Report Cards

Downloadable PDF report cards for parents * One-click access to Report Card * Secured histories of report cards.

Account statement

Transparent Transactions * Tracking of every payment * Immediate confirmation and receipt for every payment.


Understanding the School bills * Ability to choose what to pay for

So much more...

Automatic Notification * Events Reminders * Birthday Messages

Student Benefits

Enhanced Learning Experience

  • Access to engaging animated videos and gamified content for a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Asynchronous and self-paced learning, allowing students to understand concepts at their own speed.
  • Independent access to lesson notes, videos, games, and assessments on their devices.
  • Availability of digital learning aids for homework and holiday learning.

Access to Digital Learning Aids

  • Use of animated videos and digital resources for homework or holiday learning, reinforcing classroom concepts.
  • Access to high-quality lesson plans, relevant educational content, and illustrative materials, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Students can access and submit assignments digitally, promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • A wide range of curriculum-based content available for exploring various subjects and topics.

Continuous Academic Monitoring

  • Access to real-time academic progress reports, helping students and parents track performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • AI-generated content and analytics empower teachers to provide more targeted and effective instruction.

Personalized Learning

Students can learn at their own pace, ensuring a better understanding of subjects without feeling rushed.

Access to Learning Resources

Easy access to lesson notes, videos, games, and assessments on their devices, promoting independent learning and easy revision.

Improved Parent Involvement

Active engagement of parents in their child's academic and extracurricular activities through the app's activity stream and messaging.
Better parental support and encouragement.